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Note for the swipers: I apologize for the language used in this article and the images related to this. Sometimes, a rant delivers a message better than anything. You can ignore this and keep swiping other articles.

I quit Quora way back in 2012, because of endless disputes between an army of Quora admins and me, regarding their ridiculous naming policy. It is shocking to find such an adamant policy in a website this popular. Makes me wonder how Quora managed to put a bunch of lunatics to frame a policy on the internet that forces users to reveal their identities. While it may sound like LinkedIn, there is a marginal difference between services like LinkedIn and Quora. The former business requires an open credibility, which is necessary to connect and network with other people. The latter is just a Q/A network with a great user base whose main objective is to answer questions.

Real names do help in adding credibility to the answers. Most sites recommend and suggest their users to use their real names if they really want to. But what Quora does? Rather than humbly suggesting, they go all Nazis and enforce everyone (except some people like J.J. Abrams, Soleo, and a lot more) on their website to use real names and give up personal information. And if you don’t they start policing you to do so. I don’t understand how is this even legal. Not only that, but the lunatics at Quora also humiliate the ones who don’t use real names on their Quora profile. Anonymity is an integral part of the internet and still, no one at Quora is educated enough to understand this. Or they are just simply ignoring this to focus more on kissing the investors’ bottoms than actually fixing this.

What the heck is a Real Name?

Yeah! The complete expanded name as you see in your IDs or your name that precedes with initials elsewhere. That’s your real name. On some public sites like Wikipedia, and StackExchange sites, I use my real name to maintain a consistent identity to able to easily connect and network with peers within my areas of expertise. Note that, these sites support anonymity and never had asked me for real name or any personal info other than my email. Now, when Quora came out, I used my real name ‘Karthikeyan KC’ – which is also my legal name.

All hell broke loose

A few months later, I received an email from Quora, and a sternly worded message from one of the Quora moderators about the naming policy in detail (a very long message) with a few ‘bold’ paragraphs, emphasizing to rename my existing name ‘Karthikeyan KC’.

My initial reaction was like:

“That IS my name you dumbfucks!” I said and disputed it with the moderator dumbass. He asked for an ID for verification, which I refused to provide. “It’s just a website for crying out loud! Am I being screened for a top-secret project?” I growled on twitter and just expanded the initials and renamed my Quora name as ‘Karthikeyan Chidhambaram’. Two weeks of fun ride, without any issues! Another mod (another brainless idiot) barged into my inbox and questioned me about that missing ‘K’.

Despite my clear explanation about the way we Tamil Nadu people use initials, those imbeciles rendered me as an unverified person and threw my answers deep down in the dungeons of other unverified users. I’d never been humiliated this far and I decided to quit the crappy Quora that instant.

You can have your name back!

As soon as I requested for deletion of my account and the contents (by that time I had over seven hundred followers and more than three hundred answers), an admin sent me an apology message on Quora and persuaded me to stay there with my previous username – ‘Karthikeyan KC’. Though I know about the moderator politics, I decided to give it one last try, at least for the sake of the few answer requests that I loved to answer.

Yipikaye Quora V1

Two weeks later, another admin just put me back in the unverified slot, and that is where I lost my cool and I turned into the Hulk!

I vented out on twitter with some angry tweets to Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheever, and Quora Support. None of my tweets were answered. Still, with a burning rage from my humiliation, I wrote an article – ‘Yipikaye Quora’ decimating the entire moderation part, Quora naming policy, and the admins. I was requested to take down the article a few days after by the Quora Support, with another apology. This time, I made it clear to delete my entire account along with its contents. I finally deleted my account along with all my answers.

Yipikaye Quora V2

I’m forced to write this article again as my friend is now experiencing the shame shit!

When he told me that the Quora mods keep un-verifying him, I flashed him, zapped him, and without a second thought, I deleted his account for good. It’s the initials thing all over again. If anyone from Quora sends an email to take down this article, you are going to receive a massive load of ‘fuck you and fuck your naming policy’ posters as a reply.

The point is! Anonymity online is inevitable and whining policies that enforce a real name usage – forces someone to reveal their identity – is a fricking privacy breach and ought to be illegal. No one gets to decide my name for me.

If you are an avid user/one of the moderators/one of the admins of Quora and you are agitated/offended/triggered by my article, I want you to do me a favour before scrolling to the comment section of this page.

  1. Go learn what ‘Internet Anonymity’ is and find the difference between an anonymous guy and a guy with a pseudonym.
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  3. Ask Mr JJ Abrams, how he feels about this policy!
  4. Create a fake account on Quora and see for yourself how your ‘Real Name Policy’ sounds? (Do let me know the magnitude of the humour in that)

If you are still planning to explain the ‘anonymity’ and some bullcrap theories about the ‘Real Name Policy’ craps again …

Go fuck yourself and never ever return to Geekswipe! We have a policy too… “If a reader is too stupid to understand the concept of anonymity and privacy on the internet, they are better off our network!”

Id Premium Ids Fake Scannable Buy Make We Florida A special note for the admins who humiliated my friend and for the morons who raged a war with my name:

What I might have done to Quora

Quora is already a shitty place with self-promotion spam everywhere (that’s what you get for your worthless real name policy). With a genius cousin to automate, I may have created several hyperactive Quora bots with pleasing real names and random generated fake emails and faces, with one mission – Down vote and mess up random posts even further. Well… I wish I could have … Or … Did I? Yipikaye Quora!

This post was first published on March 18, 2014.

Karthikeyan KC

Aeronautical engineer, dev, science fiction author, gamer, and an explorer. I am the creator of Geekswipe. I love writing about physics and astronomy. I am now creating Swyde.

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41 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Happened to me when i started posting as well. Granted, i had been on Quora for 2-3 years, posting comments with no problem. When i finally posted an answer to somebody- probably said something a moderator didn’t like? Suddenly, i received an email stating i was banned for not using my real name.

    There’s another site that’s probably far worse than Quora. I heard the mods don’t get paid for their work? So they basically get on the website with a serious power trip. I started doing research on Reddit, and realized, for them – it gets “personal” very quickly.

    Shadow banning, blocking, harassing, banning just because:

    1) They don’t like a person’s post
    2) Their friends don’t like the person
    3) The person who is posting knows the moderator/friends and the moderator/friends feel threatened every time that person posts
    4) They, and their moderator friends, or reddit members will harass a person off of sub-reddits or anywhere they post to just get them off of

    I had a friend, who works at the same corporation as one of the Reddit mods. He was posting in one of the subreddits using funny pics, gifs and quotes. the mod of that sub-reddit, thought that they were personally attacking them, and their friends and immediately put out a ban through out any of the sub-reddits for people to stop posting pics, gifs or quotes unless they “explained the reason why they posted it”.. or use “I” statements to clarify why it was posted.

    Thus, if anyone is wondering how this came about? It had nothing to do with Reddit’s policies. The mod basically said, and i’m paraphrasing:

    “This is my Sub-Reddit. And if you have any problems with it, you can contact me – but, i’m not going to change my mind about it.”

    • not paid by quora to say this

      Anything you say about those 4 points could as well apply to Quora. Even more so I would say, since there is virtually no foolproof system in Quora that prevents this from being misused. Have you seen what’s happened with few people who broke off from the mold in Quora? They got shadow banned real quick, if not edit blocked for banned. At least in Reddit downvotes are visible… that way you will know when people don’t like you. In Quora downvotes isn’t visible, even to yourself. Where do you think that will lead to? Abuse of downvote system by the circlejerk. It’s simple logic, when you make a system where people aren’t held accountable, sooner or later they will abuse it. Also since downvotes aren’t visible, if you’re the ones getting doxxed by circlejerk you wouldn’t know it.

      Then there is the real name policy bullshit. In Reddit you could always make a new account to start fresh. What about Quora? What you think will happen if people start hating you for being you and doxxed you relentlessly? You have no way to go! Your identity is bound to your name which is very bad for you but very good for those in power so they could stop more dissent by deleting someone from the platform for good.

  2. This just happened to me. I’m not giving Quora my ID. I would never give an Internet Q/A site such information. Thankfully I was already bored with QUORA and their shitty moderation (my answers on NPD were considered violations because I refuse to coddle the predators) so this just makes me shrug my shoulders like whatevs. I’m not going to have my privacy violated just to be censored. It’s also pretty funny that Quora is trying to force users to validate their info like they were LinkedIN when literally anyone can answer questions using a fake name and zero credentials. I’m going to use a FAKE ID just to troll them.

  3. LOL!!! This is brilliant. I figured that I wasn’t alone in this. Although real name policy have never been my biggest issue, it is truly baffling that after all these years the site still managed to attract people of all kinds to come and contribute until they realized they’ve been played all along.

    You know what, it is actually quite impressive and hardly believable a site like Quora can sustain itself for so long and getaway with the abuses they have inflicted upon a lot of their userbase, which includes very kind and honest contributors who genuinely want to share their thoughts with other people (who aren’t that many tbh). Go search up ‘quora review’ if you want to know what I mean. Instead, they let obvious troll accounts to ooze trash content with no accountability, narcissistic losers running amok misusing the site as their ego supply and basic-bitch female users with outlandishly banal and upvote-bait answers hogging huge following and viewership simply because they have Instagram-esque profile pictures and a vagina. It makes you wonder whether the people following them did this because they get a boner kick when they upvote answers, hoping that someday they will get a call from them, says I love you, set up a nice candle-lit dinner over the phone, went into a hotel, fuck, have a family on their own and it’s happily ever after. You just couldn’t make this shit up. It absolutely fucking pisses me off to see this at times and in the meantime Quora did NOTHING to moderate this behavior and make it a better place for genuine people that SHOULD HAVE BEEN the kind of users Quora wants, if it still got any brain or integrity left. The fact that Quora is a part of the Silicon Valley tech-boom start-ups didn’t help either, it actually makes everything so much worse. See the big picture… Quora, Facebook, Twitter… you name it. They’re literally the scums of the internet right now, unethical practices, poor content quality control and selective rule enforcement of their so-called rules.

    In all honesty, Quora should be shut down and sink to the bottom to the deepest ocean alongside with that last big scam in the valley called Theranos.

  4. WhosebitchareuQuora

    I had no idea how sick they were until I googled why I was being forced to download their app, something my storage can ill afford. Thanks to you and all the other people for writing the truth about this disgusting site. Yeah, it’s occasionally good reading and some people enjoy their little community but at the price Quora asks I’ll be finding myself other more respectful and “transparent” communities within sites that aren’t so fucking entitled, greedy, creepy, bc the image in my head of a group of frantic and enraged SS sheeple the size of toddlers goose stepping and flapping their arms furiously all over my shit in a fit of rage bc mommy said no makes it absolutely impossible to take them seriously. Suck it Quora. I enjoyed ur site regularly until now and I hope ur wannaZucks policy leaves u with no one but the extremely old and extremely naive and ignorant. You know, the one’s who think privacy and anonymity is silly bc “who cares, my life is so boring anyways that no one would care about my info…which is the reason I have to make up all my answers on Quora and ask questions about my halitosis”.
    I hope you guys get hacked to death. Isn’t this one of reasons Anonymous exists? To remind these sites and it’s people to humble themselves the fuck down?
    I also hope that the word keeps spreading so more and more contributors start spamming the hell out of the them with obnoxious questions about their invasive and pressuring tactics/policies. Hopefully that will get my profile deleted.
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    Fyi, I’ve just recently begun to actively research privacy and anonymity and it’s mind boggling how utterly pathological and inhuman so many of these governments, agencies, and individuals have become but I’m super heated bc I got here already irritated from trying to figure out Adobes privacy policy with their stupid, endless links.

  5. Jo A Ryal

    You are so right! I had the same problem. I used my real name, sorry it wasn’t a name they thought was real!

  6. myreaaaaalname

    That site’s owners should be jailed just by having that policy. It’s like they are openly breaching your human right. But I just used a fake “real name” and viola, the dumb “informative” site is fooled! haha though messing up with their posts and its votes by using bots is also a genius idea. New swiper here…

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  7. I was only a member for a couple of weeks. I go by “Shadow X” online. My nickname has been “Shadow” for many years, so, it pretty much is my “real name,” whatever the hell that is. I asked a few basic questions, gave a few answers, but it was all completely general stuff, nothing offensive, and my answers were to general questions, nothing that would require special knowledge or education.

    Well, Q threw a fit, sent me an arrogant message, chastising me for not using my real name. I politely replied, telling them to get fucked, and promptly closed my account.

  8. Id Premium Ids Fake Scannable Buy Make We Florida Today I deleted my Quora account. What gets my goat is the sheer number of Indian Quorans who happen to be die-hard Narendra Modi supporters. Try saying anything against their bhagwaan and they will downvote your answer till the Moderation collapses it eventually. Quora reminds me of today’s India which is now happily turning into a wannabe fascist banana republic.

    A few users are very intelligent, accomplished and there are many celebrities with Quora accounts. But then you have all those fake celebrities who have done nothing substantial in real life and seem too chicken to appear in a real interview, but with hundreds of thousands of followers on Quora, they feel as if they have arrived.

    I was trapped in that echo chamber for a while but now I feel evolved.

  9. Id Premium Ids Fake Scannable Buy Make We Florida Honestly, I love Quora. I’ve learned a lot about cultures, people, linguistics, history, life, and much more. But I think that the naming system truly is garbage. I know everything i’m saying is redundant, but I at least think the only names that should be banned are ones that are blatantly dumb, offensive, etc. There’s so much to learn and see on Quora, but forcing you to have an account, use your real name, almost malicious admins, the echo chamber in the context of politics, it can be a bit much sometimes. I hope they change in that regard. So much knowledge, so many experiences, all halted by maliciousness and petulance in the name of “moderation.”

  10. Thank God for this article! I just got flagged for not using my full real name. Nuh uh! The Internet
    and the real world arealready weird places, am not going to be answering sensitive questions under my real name, God knows whose wrath I have to beget. I have deactivated my account, and it’s just a website. If that’s your policy, I would rather walk out.

  11. Syd Clarkson
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    I just recently got sent the email as well. I’ve worded a rather harsh but formal reply in response, outlining the issue with “real name” policies including mentioning the problems you and your friend had, and told them to delete my account.

  12. Agreed. Quora and these social media sites think they are some kind of real deal and somehow think we
    should provide our real name. Heck we don’t even know anything posted is ever real. Good grief!

  13. I certainly understand your outrage. I just deleted my account because I was ‘flagged’ twice for not using my real name. As if opening myself up to be stalked or doxed is the right thing to do. If I were a troll or always harassing other users I could understand being flagged and required to use my real name. But I’m not and I don’t. I’m a harmless user who treats others as I wish to be treated. I can honestly report that I will NEVER use Quora again.

  14. Id Premium Ids Fake Scannable Buy Make We Florida Griffin

    Did the Quora admin/mod who contacted you sign their PM’s with their legal moniker?

    I had similar problems (refused to supply ID, pointed out the pointlessness of the policy as users can post questions and answers anonymously) and left for about a year. I returned and nothing has been said or done about my “unverified account.” Im not unverified anymore

    • Griffin

      Update on my situation…
      Shortly after posting this comment, Quora re-flagged me. Half an hour later unflagged me, then ten minutes after that re-re-flagged me.
      I have asked, both politely and somewhat less diplomatically, why people who need to maintain a certain level of anonymity can not do as such (violent repercussions of publicising names of site users apparently be damned. Odd considering that line of spousal abuse questions!), why Quora is so adamant to disavow one of the founding tenets of the internet (user decided anonymity), why the naming policy is in place on a platform that allows posting and question posting anonymously and why any user should trust this website administrators with legal documents when there is no papered contract protecting the identity of the user…
      So far none of these concerns have been addressed. Just a stubborn “Giv’s yer farkin name cunt! or go fucks yerselves!”
      Pity. I did like the site. I had friends that I interacted with from time to time and I felt my answers (particularly on my professional wheel-house topics) helped other readers.
      Its a particularly shitty move from the Q-admins that when you are flagged, you can’t contact anyone. Can’t ask for peer validation through the website, can’t ask for other contact details from people who you want to keep in touch with, nothing. Its the internet version of “Elinguation” How very dictatorial, how very biblical!
      Until this shitcake policy is revoked or at least loosened to the point it is voluntary, Ill be keeping my distance.

  15. Heather Michelle St Mars


  16. I very much appreciate this article. After years of ignoring Quora’s attempts to force me to get an account in order to read answers on their site, I finally gave in and figured it was worth it to be able to connect regularly with other intelligent people. I was already frustrated with them for trying to force me to have an account, but I thought the frustration would end once I got one. Nope! Unaware of the real name policy, I signed up the way I always do, with my initials. I lasted mere days. Yesterday, someone who is presumably a lawyer and therefore presumably a critical thinker with good command of their native language (also mine), responded to one of my comments in a way that demonstrated they completely misunderstood my comment. I addressed this, and they didn’t like that. In their response, they said “Also, please fix your fake name.” I was taken aback, as I didn’t have a fake name. The comment felt a little vitriolic, as good faith would have someone frame it in more of an encouraging way. This user framed it in a ‘Quora cultist’ way. Nevertheless, I knew what was coming. I responded by saying I’m new and that I’d heard that Quora was full of people like them. They responded in an arrogant, joking way that they said ‘PLEASE.’

    No surprise, I received an email this morning telling me I’ve been flagged and to change my name to a real one. This is against MY personal policy. Internet anonymity is important. I get that they want a community that is reliable and accountable, but if that’s their primary concern, then they would only flag accounts with problematic behavior rather than ‘problematic’ names.

    Is there an alternative community similar to Quora. I don’t think I want to deal with that bullshit on the regular..

    • Well, I’m a little embarrassed. This site seems to fill in some of the Quora gaps. I only discovered it in my search for info on Quora’s stupid policy. Since I’m on mobile right now, navigating away to see the site I’m on after beginning to write a comment is a pain (as is trying to type without typos). I’m excited to have discovered this site! Thanks for your article. Made me feel better about being Quora bullied.

  17. Bananas Are Real

    Why don’t you make a question and answer site that does not require real names and laborious name verification. It would be a breath of fresh air. :) Count me in. Why do we need any site to invade our privacy?

    • We already have many! For example – Reddit! :)

      • Re Nato

        Thanks for the tip.

        I just had the name policiy in my mailbox and am not able to answer anymore on Quora.
        Going to delete my ‘Quran'(they act like a religion with their rules) account for that very reason.
        Are they nuts?
        They treat their users with total disrepect. Blocking them for a name they do not trust or like. And that after people have put so much time and energy into their website.
        This is a serious sign of lack of moral by the people governing that website.
        They don’t know how to value things right from wrong.

  18. john widmer

    I agree. The only way, I repeat, the only way to deal with the naming policies that they will not change is to literally kill quora, and that means to stop using it.

  19. Best memes ever! Quora kicked me out too. Look at the new design.. It sucks too. QUORA FAIL!1

  20. Sandip Kc

    I already hate Quora for forcing me to signup to view answers. And forcing me to download its app on mobile. Now I hate it more.

  21. josephus

    wonderul, i’m a bit late, but alls i can says “WONDERFUL!!!” (love the memes)
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  22. Id Premium Ids Fake Scannable Buy Make We Florida This just happened now!

  23. Vinay Anshul

    Is this vengeance? I have been using my real name on quora and i dont see any problems because of that. They also give you an anonymous option to post anonymously! You must control your language. Stop abusing Quora!

  24. ROFL! Hilarious article man! U nailed the memes! U should be so F***d up to have to write this. Watch out for the Quora ninjas at your doorstep

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