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It's simple: We've been where you are. Our bands wanted the same thing you do. And, now that we know how to get that exposure, we want to make it easy for you to get the same thing!
We know that it can be a time-consuming, touch-and-go process if you have to "go it alone". But, if you try to hire a publicist or press agent, you usually have to pay between $800 to $6,000 a month for their services! (*according to
My crew is a bit different.



It's simple: Send us (by email attachment, link or Dropbox) a couple of your best tracks, along with other items listed in the scroller to your right. If you have YouTube™ videos, send the link to two of your best; we view them as well. After viewing/listening to your media and studying your other material, we email you with our feedback and, if your act is really good, offer a contract to obtain our services.
It states our fee, which is only $45.00 for the first month and $150 per month thereafter for a period of six months. If, at any time, you're dissatisfied with the work we do for you, just email the editor personally and we will void your contract and refund any monies you have paid us, less 25 per cent. If you are satisfied with our work then, at the end of the term of your contract, we can renew it
at the same rate as your original.
When we receive the signed contract (you can do it simply by typing your name on signature line) and your first month's fee, we get to work: contacting radio stations with your .mp3s and EPKs (or biographies), composing and sending articles about your act to high-traffic publications in your specific genre, writing press releases, scheduling interviews, writing album reviews and following up on all contacts and submissions. You'll also receive weekly progress reports of our work on your behalf.



On our promotions page, you'll meet some of the acts that we've been honored to promote here in America and England. There are also links to their sites at the end of each description.

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If you have any questions, comments or just want to know more:
Contact chief publicist Chuck Hinson or, Mondays thru Saturdays (9 AM to 6 PM EST), by phone at 606-331-8692.